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Be part of the international ankle arthroscopy online congress

Last year we organized the 24h MIS Congress. A great success with more than 1300 participants. We have thus brought the MIS footsurgery family a step closer. This year the focus is on Ankle Arthroscopy.

Ankle arthroscopy became a standard tool for the foot surgeon. With this event we want to show the therapeutic possibilities of ankle arthroscopy in the field of:

  • Lateral ligaments
  • Syndesmosis
  • Deltoid ligament
  • Osteochondral lesions
  • Arthritis

The live online congress will take place over 24 hours moving from continent to continent and is also available on -demand afterwards.

The participation will be free of charge.

The congress will include discussion rounds, operative demonstration and presentations by well-known surgeons.

Be part of the international Ankle Arthroscopy family.

Guillaume Cordier, France
Jordi Vega, Spain
Joel Vernois, United Kingdom
Hazibullah Waizy, Germany